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War Declarations

We want to advise each Ceo out there and its respected membership to remain dedicated to your valued corporation regardless of its ups and downs! its a shame to see such good [ TICKERS ] being wasted and what seemed like valued membership leaving their corporation just because of a simple war declaration and a few ships lost in the call of duty.

Final Ultimatum contracts are maxed out at a 4-week maximum to ensure we recognize the line of what can be classified as a grievance. We also give the fair opportunity for a surrender offer that can be initiated by the defending corporation or alliance executives by simply connecting to our Discord server! Surrender offers are 30% more than the contract made by the aggressor's original contract value.
We will also prove to our client that the defending corporation or executives of the alliance have submitted and paid in full a surrender offer. Due to our client confidentiality agreement, we will never disclose to the defender the aggressor's information... Period.


We will never place personal feelings when completing a clients contract and will make every effort to research and destroy anything out in space that's deemed a target but we want to advise that war is a major part across New Eden.. It's not a matter of IF but WHEN a war declaration will be placed upon your growing organization. It's simply our line of business. 

Remain dedicated to your valued Corp and its respected management team as in doing so will minimize your history for corporation hoping and also earn each player a lot more respect that will echo across the stars. Some of the greatest allies come from war. 
If we find that a defending corporation or its alliance are huge smack talkers with intent to insult will only focus our efforts and in many cases extends the war absolutely free of charge for our valued clients!!! 

Each corporation that is war decked by us who has fallen apart will be listed here on our website under what we consider

"Corporation Wall of Shame"

Out of respect for all players around the world, we will never post in-game character names but can be researched by anyone through normal game mechanics. 

Final Ultimatum will never talk smack in local channels or disrespect other players, even if we are the main target of an attack.
If we sink to their level they would be able to kick our asses with great knowledge of stupidity! 

Respect across New Eden must be earned... you do not own anything unless you can defend it! 



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