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Most Wanted

Final Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement (F-ROPE) Squad is seeking the assistance of New Edens citizens in locating the following offenders who are unlawfully at large from intergalactic or federal correctional authorities.

The following individuals are wanted for crimes reaching outside the laws of EULA. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Final Ultimatum alliance or contact Naomi Yazmin directly. 

Rewards for additional information! 

Character Name: alazarr
Known Alts: Alazarr1 Otomeya / Alegeick Burnshot Penken / Dragoon TingTong / Azarian Lazair

Know Corporation: BADINC Corp
Known Alt Corporations: 81ers / VIRU5.

Wanted For:
This pilot has made real-life death threats to one of Final Ultimatums Agents over Discords text chat regarding lost in-game assets! 

Any pilots with additional information may lead up to a 1 Billion ISK reward!
We are seeking additional alt information, alternative Corporations, etc. This behavior is to be taken extremely seriously and shall not go unnoticed and certainly NOT unpunished! 

  Help Final Ultimatum take scum bags like this OFFLINE! 



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