Not a Discord fan? No worries we also use TeamSpeak too.
Please note how to Become An Agent so you can move freely throughout the official Final Ultimatums TeamSpeak server as well as How To Join Final Ultimatum Clans to gain access to many selected channels. 

Once you've been soaked with the very basics of Final Ultimatum knowledge simply click to connect below.
See you on the field Agent! 

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[ Connection ] 
[ Password ] No Password Required

[ Step 1 ] Download TeamSpeak Here
[ Step 2 ] Install
[ Step 3 ] Open TS Client > Connections > Connect
[ Step 4 ] Type in the following information ( Refer to image )
- Server Address
- Nickname ( Note; Make certain you use the same nickname you might be using for Discord!)
- Click Connect

Please stand by for an official Final Ultimatum officer who will meet and greet you upon your connection and also approve your website account followed by assigning proper server groups.
If an official Final Ultimatum officer is not currently present on the server you can have a  24hr Guest Pass assigned to you by a fellow Agent or simply make use of the public channels. Don't worry as registrations are checked every 24 hours and as long as your TeamSpeak name matches your website application to become an Agent your server groups tags will be applied even if you're offline. If you are already a registered Agent with Final Ultimatum and are switching from Discord to have your server groups tags updated for both VoIP servers simply join the ► Help Desk / Support channel or use many of the other contacting us features such as Live Chat Support / Create a Ticket or by Toll-Free Calling. We will never leave an Agent down and will do the very best to get you connected! 

Thank you for your understanding with Final Ultimatums Troll Free Environment Policy.