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Welcome to Final Ultimatum on Life is Feudal! Our goal is to create an ongoing serious RP community within the world of LiF. We want to create a community that focuses on the RP, and not necessarily the grind. WE ARE NO KOS. Feel Free to come on and join Us... We welcome all with an Active GM team that is here with answers to Your Questions and Concerns.

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Standard 1 active Mine per settlement

No tree walls. Please space out your trees and make it look pleasant. Trees should be planted in a way that leaves an empty tile between them.Oaks must be planted with two tiles between them.


Do not build random objects and leave them lying around. If building something to level skill, please remove the object when finished.




How To Join

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Only one character per person is allowed on the server.

Non RP deaths do not affect a character.

Death and its many forms... Death in the world due to an animal is not permanent... Death in an RP situation means that the death is Your choice if You die... if You choose to live then You will suffer a Grievous wound and will need to refrain from major RP off Your Claim for a few RL days... If You choose death then You can immediately reroll a new Character and RP it back into Your claim. Arena deaths are not permadeath unless otherwise stated or agreed upon by the parties involved.

Your Land

Claims will not be allowed to overlap any claypit.

Please contact a GM for approval prior to placing your monument. This is done so that any future relocation can be prevented. The only thing that should affect your location of choice is if a claypit is to close.

Use common sense when placing your monument. If you see another claim give them some space to grow. Any land disputes should be handled through up such as intervention from a regional leader, armed conflict, or some sort of mutual agreement between claims.

Houses within the Capital City can be purchased for a one time fee. If the house becomes vacant longer than 40 days the Capital City Knights will clear it out for resale.

Capital City and Emberwood Market

The Capital City of Emberwood and Ramsay Farms are considered un-raidable. and will remain free of banditry. However, it is still a roleplay location and may be freely used for roleplay at any time. The only exception to this is the Arena area.

The main streets outside the Capital are considered neutral and may not be claimed by any single faction, however, it is open to being utilized by anyone.

Roleplay & Combat

This is an RP Server. Do Not Break Character.

Voice or text RP is allowed in local only. Global is to be reserved for GM announcements or recruitment for claims.

Metagaming and Stream sniping will not be tolerated and will be considered a bannable offense.

Metagaming - doing something based on what you know IRL, that your character wouldn’t know in game. (Given that the in-game VoIP is unreliable, local text should be used in the event the in-game voice communications are failing).

Stream Sniping - Information gained from streaming should not be used. This means that if you see where someone is on stream, you do not go there and engage them in any way as your character would not know they are there.

Combat Logging is forbidden, we are here to tell stories. Don’t cheat other players out of a victory. If you feel like you are going to lose and can’t get away, just yield and RP it out. Who knows what will happen.

NO KOS (Kill on Sight) Under ANY circumstance. There must be proper RP engagement before any sort of combat can occur. Engage yourself in the situation! Any KOS or Fail RP will be grounds for immediate GM intervention.

"Praying Home" should ONLY be used in Non-RP scenarios, mainly you’re away from your base, but you need to log off, so you "Pray Home". Totally OK. You just spawn on the island and you don’t like the region of the map, so you want to move somewhere else, you "Pray Home". Totally cool.

Radical RP will not be tolerated this includes rape and racist roleplay.

Banditry- Anyone playing a bandit must use blunt weapons when initiating any bandit action. If during the bandit action the victim or anyone trying to protect the victim pulls a lethal weapon, the bandit may respond in kind. If the bandit is successful in knocking the victim unconscious, they may only take one item or one stack of items from their victim. If the victim knocks a bandit unconscious, they may only take one item or one stack of items. Full looting will only be allowed if a person dies. Banditry may happen anytime off of claim. If someone from a bandit group performs a bandit action on a claim, that group of bandits will not be allowed to hit the target claim again for another 48 hours.

While out of character trade is something most people are used to, it is highly recommended that trade is conducted in character so as to promote roleplay. For example, if you are needing leather, actually go around and try to find someone trading it instead of arranging the trade throughout of character means.

No horse killing unless combat dictates it. Killing a horse just because you can be considered griefing. Examples of acceptable horse killing would be during a settlement raid/siege in which you are trying to prevent your enemy from fleeing or if they are using the horse for combat purposes. Once again, let the RP or combat scenario dictate the action.

Please help to keep things neat and clean. Try not to leave logs lying about that only have a few durability left. If it only has 10 points left, make a billet, if it has 5 just smack it with a weapon or tool so that it gets destroyed.


Illegal Items & Jail System


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Currency Bronze, Silver & Gold Coins can be obtained through trade either in the major city of Emberwood, other players or even purchased through our official store.

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