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Become An Agent


While we are open to having anybody join our community here with Secret Service Gaming we do look for people who will be active in the community. We understand people do have reasons to take a leave of absences but we do ask for communication and at least make a topic in the member's section forum if something in real life has come up and you need to take care of it. Real life will always have priority in all situations, we simply ask to just fill us in if you need to be away for awhile. You do not need nor are you expected to go into details on the situation, just give us a heads up that's all we ask for in the member's forum.

Be sure to visit our forums page and download Discord, upon approved registration ( May take up to 24 hours ) (Be sure to check we didn't go to spam).


Requirements To Be Accepted As An Official SSG Agent 

We are glad that you have chosen SSG as a place to call home for gaming. Website registrations with us are moderated and will be accepted within 24 hours but in most cases are instant! We do require new recruits to do a few things not only to prove they plan on participating and being active but it also gives everyone in the community a chance to meet and greet you as a person as well.
While we are a laid back community we do ask for participation. It doesn't have to be 24/7 within the community, but participation is what makes this community grow and brings members together.


What you need to do:

  • Register an account with us to become an agent located at the top right corner of this website.
  • You must make an introduction post located here: Introduce Yourself.
  • Join the SSG Steam Community page located here: SSG_Agent
  • Be patient until your application has been processed and approved.

Those 4 easy steps will allow our acting officers to gauge who they are letting into the community. In your introduction post just simply say hi, how you found us and what games your currently playing. Your recruitment app is simply there so the recruitment department can know who is coming in and who to look out for in Discord and give them applicant tags and so forth. 
As far as Discord goes we require that all new recruits visit our Discord right after your registration process in which case will earn your tags almost instantly if an active officer is currently on the system. ( All officers will appear as Red )
Some people may be very shy about talking and that's fine but we urge new members/agents to join the server and interact with fellow gamers of the community. No one is here to judge you as we have many protection policies in place that prevents such content. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

What Do I Need To Say In My Introduction Post?

This can be anything really. Just say hi, who you are, how you found us or even just a general whats up. It does not need to be overly complicated. We are a gaming community and more so a family. It would be like walking into someone's house and just shaking a few hands just letting people know who you are. You can always just say hi and don't over think it too much.

No On Is Replying To My Application?

All personal reply's and such will be made on your introduction post, not your application. Your application is simply your app. It's just there for the recruitment department themselves and they will be the only ones replying on it for the most part. The community itself will be more focused on your introduction since that's where you are saying hi to everyone. ( Public forum )

Discord - Just A General Overview Of Basic Concerns

We are aware that some people are simply not comfortable using their actual voice to talk and may be shy however voice over software programs to change your voice are not permitted here with SSG! 

  • You can download Discord here: Then Connect
  • Teamspeak connection information will be provided in an email with a secret service gaming domain only once your account has been approved. Note; Server permissions that provide move capability may be issued shortly after your connection to the Discord server and all officers are auto given notifications when you make the 1st connection to the server so you won't be waiting long.
    Feel free to put secret service gaming as your referrer if downloading for the 1st time.
  • Please follow all SSG VOIP Rules and Guidelines.

- We do ask that you continue to join the official SSG Discord during your online gaming experience as it does promote a fun environment while you are gaming. Even our founder was a very shy individual when he first starting gaming and being on VOIP programs like Discord. But over time it truly will bring you out of your shell and you'll start having a great time with everyone giving live feedback and feel like you are communicating as a team. 

Can I Be In SSG And Another Community?

We do not allow multi-communities. If you are going to be part of a community then we would like you to be with them totally as we are certain they would feel the same way. The only exception to this is if SSG does not support the game you want to play & if we don't just request us to in one of the many support forums.

I Have A Question But It's Not Listed Here?

Please feel free to join the TeamSpeak support channel or visit one of our many support forums or even other methods provided such as Toll-Free 1 (800) calling, Live Chat and or direct email at
We are always very happy to help and is why we support so many methods to hear from you.


Thank you again for your upcoming application to become an agent with us and we look forward to gaming with you soon. Don't forget to check out many of SSG's social media pages and keep an eye out for all kinds of free give away's or other great promotions.


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