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Become An Agent

Every activated Agent starts off with 500,000 SSG Bullets. For more detailed information on how to spend your SSG Bullets you can check out by clicking on:

Learn More Menu

Main Forum topics

To check the remaining balance of your SSG Bullets simply follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Visit the Navigation Menu > Secret Service Menu > Agent Management

Note; Agent Management Help Menu is located just underneath for advanced knowledge. 

This will now bring you to the official Agent Management database system for any valued member to check anyone's UCG Bullets including your own of course.

( Note; All secure information will not be visible to standard membership as UCG has a strict privacy policy in effect. )

Step 2.

Simply click on the [ Agent Management ] - Menu

Step 3.

Now all you need to do is simply type Your Discord name as shown indicated by the blue arrow & hit click Search By DB or by pressing enter on your keyboard.

( Note; The database may pull up multiple accounts if other registered members have the same name you do on Discord, it's a good idea to know your own membership Account number that is also shown in your membership account file when checking your SSG Bullets balance or choosing a Discord name that is unique to you and not so common. Either way, the system will always return results for your membership account through the Membership Account Number or even by typing in the email address you used to create an account with us on the official SSG website. )

Step 4.

Let's pull up a test account and see how many SSG Bullets it has remained on account, shall we :)

( Note; This is an account called: Your Discord name would be here.

Once the account has been located within the database system simply click on your Account Status menu - The bar will turn blue when highlighted with your cursor.)

This will now show you the following Information:

- Account Number ( unique membership number to your account )

- Account Status ( shows if SSG considers your account with us Active or Dormant )

- Join Date ( Shows the date you had registered an account with us )

- Extended Leave ( Shows the date you've requested an Extended Leave )

- Main Discord-Name ( This shows your Discord name )

- Reflects Funds In ( Shows membership country of currency )

- Amount Due ( Shows a number of funds being billed to your account for active services )

- Due Date ( Shows the date in which the number of funds is owing by )

- Credit On Account ( Shows a number of real life funds you may have on Credit with us )

- Credit Applied To Invoice ( Shows an amount of credit SSG has applied to the next invoice for active services )

- Member Of SSG Club ( Reflects which SSG Club package the member has )

- Agent ID Status ( Reflects which package the member is currently under )

- Agent UCG Club Medals ( Reflects which SSG Club the member currently has )

- SSG Expiry Date ( Shows which date the current package will expire if not renewed )

- Assigned Server Groups ( Show current Server Groups the member has active on Discord )

- SSG Currency Bullets ( Shows your current balance of SSG Bullets remaining )

- SSG Event Tickets ( Shows how many event tickets you have to gain entry into a SSG award winning event )

- Recruitment Record ( Shows if your have every reported a new recruit you may have brought to the USSG gaming community )

- Created On ( shows the date your membership file was created in the Database )

- Updated On ( Shows the date your membership file was updated )

For further questions or concerns, you can always post on the forums or start a live chat with one of our many representatives as we would be happy to assist you.

Purchasing items found within the SSG Bullets Shop may take up to 24 hours to process! After the process has been completed your Bullets Status will reflect the changes. Note; History on how you have spent your SSG Bullets is not shown due to our membership secure privacy policy.

If you wish to know your history simply use one of the many methods of contacting us and would be happy to share that information with you.

Due note contacting us by phone, text, live chat or ticket you will be asked a few security questions to ensure your identity.

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