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Dying is a Natural Part of Life.

What larger story you might think?... Every character is important, no matter what role you choose to play. Everything you do is strictly skill-based. Since there are no classes in Chronicles of Elyria, this means you have the ability to be whoever, and whatever you want! For example, you could be a cartographer and make maps of yet unexplored regions, or even explored ones. Be careful though when going out, as venturing far from the city or town might present unforeseen dangers that may be too much to handle without help from someone who's trained in the art of combat; but if you think exploring is not for you, don't worry. You can be whatever you want, a blacksmith, musician, merchant, even a King or a Queen! This is where your personal skill comes in. Will you be able to climb the Social/Political ladder to get way up there? On the other hand, if you're clever enough and a deviant, you can impersonate other players and steal their identities and even frame them for crime. However, every choice you make has an impact whether it brings fortune or devastation.

Player driven story.

Every game has a main story, as a player it is your duty to be a part of it. This is no different in Chronicles of Elyria. Let's say there is a group of explorers going through your town and now they're staying at a local tavern. The rumor is they found an ancient artifact of great value. So you, being the great thief that you are, snuck into their room, poisoned the guard dogs, stole the artifact for your self and hid it in your room. The next morning you woke up very ill and covered in boils. Meanwhile it was discovered that the artifact has been stolen and the local detectives are on the case. Not to draw attention to yourself, you decid to wait it out at home but by the end of the day your body could not continue to take the detriment of the sickness and you died. Turns out the artifact was not only valuable but also extremely dangerous if handled without proper preparation. Well, that's all good and dandy, if you can call dying that, but your character is dead now. What to do now? Did you lose all the progress? Not really. Even though your body is dead, your soul continues the journey.

Your Soul Lives On.

When you die in Chronicles of Elyria your character's Soul is sent to the Akashic Records. Once there, it can be put into a new body for another chance at life. You can have more than one Soul to choose from, too!

What Is A Soul?

So what is a soul in CoE? A soul is the complete set of memories, experiences, and past lives of a character. When transferred from one character to another, the soul brings with it Talents, Achievements, and accelerated Skill Development, providing a feeling of continuity and progression.

Making an Entrance

If you don't have a Child, you have to choose between having a Family or being a Ward of the State. Each have their pros, and cons.

Your choice of Family is one of the most important decisions you could ever make. It determines your nobility, your wealth, reputation, and a lot of other important features like your genetics. Your characters abilities and starting skills will also be determined by your family, race and region! You can opt to customize all of those by sacrificing being part of a family. to be a Ward of the State. However, being a Ward of the State may not be the best choice for everyone. As mentioned before, both paths have pros and cons so think twice before making the final choice.

Chronicles of Elyria uses a system of genetics that allows traits to be passed on from one generation to another. Those traits initially proposed during character customization are randomly sampled from your character’s parents - however they can include mutations. Albinism could be one of them.

The company just recently released the "first look" video. See below

This is just a small introduction for CoE. There are many more features that I have not mentioned here as they are too many to list. If this peaked your interest, please go to the game's official website to explore more. Please help spread the word. And if you decide to join, please use my friend code 55E980 if you don't mind helping me out.

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