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Latest News

Final is already underway with its first major constellation control efforts towards a rich area we are now referring to as The Bermuda Triangle. Intelligence shows the 3 rich systems to have occupancy but further in-depth details classify them to be from a dying alliance.
 Our efforts will be to continue to monitor and perhaps reach out towards diplomatic relations to see if a trusted friendship can be earned between the two Corporations.
if diplomatic talks fail we will initiate a full-scale attack and continue to patrol the triangle until current occupants are forced to vacate the system.

The Final Ultimatums industry branch has finally settled in after a 3-week logistical relocation and we are proud to announce all systems are currently online and fully armed.
unfortunately, it had to terminate one of its alliance members due to lack of competence from its Ceo for neglecting to follow orders issued down from the alliance executive team and in failing to comply had taken a significant loss of an estimated amount of 3+ billion isk. The executive team for Final Ultimatum quickly terminated without further warning as this showed little regard to its respected leadership and membership. Final has a zero tolerance policy... Period. 
Management is working diligently to incorporate the new Eve-Hr corporation-wide system interface to help run everything much smoother than normal as well as segregating the two Alliance across two Discord servers. 

In the coming weeks, we will provide up to date reports of the progress well be making and in hopes to continue to grow internal numbers and perhaps a few allies along the way.
either way we have reached our new home system with access to all regions New Eden has to offer and we are expecting to start generating larger amounts of profits as well as start capital construction of our mothership. 
We have experienced an ice ganker with around 14 accounts which could do a great deal of damage to even one of our freighter pilots. We are working out methods to eradicate this individual and or issue him what we like to call a Final Ultimatum! 



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